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Clash of Clans resources are used to purchase buildings and troops in the game. However, not all resources are created equal. Some can be collected automatically, while others require constant effort. Here’s a complete guide to what you can do with each of your Clash of Clans resources. For a list of Clash of Clans resource buildings, click here.

clash of clans goldGold

Gold is a resource used to purchase and maintain numerous different defensive buildings, traps, walls, and elixir buildings. You can also use it to purchase national flag decorations for your village. It is collected with gold mines and stored in gold storage units.

clash of clans elixirElixir

Elixir is a pink liquid that is harvested via elixir collectors and stored in elixir storage units. It is used to purchase and upgrade troops, army buildings, and gold and dark elixir buildings. You can also use it to place decorations of various kinds.

clash of clans dark elixirDark Elixir

Dark elixir is much like regular elixir, except it is black. It is collected with a dark elixir drill and stored in a dark elixir storage unit. Dark elixir is used to train and upgrade both heroes and dark elixir troops.


Gems are the premium currency of Clash of Clans. They are mostly obtained by making in-app purchases, but can also be found in smaller numbers for free in the game. Players begin Clash of Clans with 500 gems, which they can spend on anything they like, but the tutorial uses many of these gems quickly. Additional gems can be found by removing obstacles in your village and completing achievements. Many gems are awarded to the top ten players in the top three ranked clans each week. Supercell also hosts regular contests on their Facebook page, and will give out gems to the winners. For a guide on getting free gems, click here.

Gems can be used to instantly finish recruiting troops or constructing buildings. They can also be used to buy gold, elixir, and dark elixir outright. Perhaps the best use of gems, however, is on additional builders’ huts, since having three or four builders will enable you to accomplish much more than someone with only the default two.

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