Defensive Buildings Guide

By | November 4, 2014

Your troops may be mighty, but your village – and your ultimate survival – is only as strong as the defenses protecting it. Defensive buildings serve to keep your trophies and resources away from the wrong hands, and each defensive building is specialized for this in a different way. Depending on where you place them in your village, certain Defense Buildings will be more or less effective at what they do – and in a game where strategy is everything, you can’t be caught placing a short-range wizard tower away from where the action will be. So, from cannons to mortars to the clever array of traps, here is our breakdown of the Defensive buildings in Clash of Clans: what they are, what they do, and how best to use them.

Defensive Buildings

clash of clans cannon level 8Cannons: Your typical defensive turret. Cheap to build, easy to upgrade, and a necessity for all villages. Cannons are the first defense building that you build in Clash of Clans, and for good reason. Cannons are useful at all levels, and are great to use to make up for the shortfalls of other Defense Buildings, such as Mortars or Wizard Towers. Read more about Cannons.

clash of clans archer tower level 8Archer Tower: Like Cannons, but more versatile. Archer Towers are slightly more expensive, but they have a significantly longer range and are great for defending both the center and the outskirts of your village. Also, Archer Towers have the ability to attack both ground units and air units. Read more about Archer Towers.

clash of clans mortar level 8Mortar: A cheap, long-range defense turret, Mortars shoot slowly and deal high amounts of splash damage. Ideal for long-range situations with large amounts of enemies, Mortars are limited by their lack of any defense against close range attacks and inability to attack enemy air units. Read more about Mortars.

clash of clans air defense level 8Air Defense: The perfect defense against air attacks. Air Defenses deal high amounts of damage with each shot, but can only attack air units. Air Defenses have a great range and work well in tandem with Defense Buildings that are limited to ground units, like the Cannon or the Mortar. Read more about Air Defenses.

clash of clans wizard tower level 8Wizard Tower: One of the most powerful defense buildings, the Wizard Tower deals high amounts of splash damage that can decimate large groups of enemy units, but its greatest limitation is its short range of fire. Though it can’t fire long distances, the Wizard Tower is able to target enemies at any close range, a benefit that its counterpart, the Mortar, does not enjoy. Read more about Wizard Towers.

clash of clans hidden tesla level 8Hidden Tesla: Like traps, Hidden Teslas remain hidden until an enemy unit gets too close. However, Hidden Teslas are not classified as traps because they reset themselves. Hidden Teslas deal great amounts of damage, and are able to attack both air and ground units. Also, Hidden Teslas deal double damage against P.E.K.K.As. Read more about Hidden Teslas.

clash of clans x-bow level 8X-Bow: The X-Bow is the Defense Building with the longest range, and therefor it is a necessity for village or base defense. The X-Bow runs on Elixer, and therefore can run out of ammo if you forget to reload it. Also, the X-Bow can adapt to how the player wants to use it by targeting just ground units at a long range, or both ground and air units at a slightly shorter range. Read more about X-Bows.

clash of clans inferno tower level 8Inferno Tower:  The Inferno Tower shoots fire that deals more damage the longer the flame is focused on a single target. The most expensive defensive building, it also comes with the option to target multiple enemies at once, but with normal continuous damage. Like the X-Bow, the Inferno Tower runs on ammunition, and it must be continuously refilled with Dark Elixir. Read more about Inferno Towers.

clash of clans wall level 8Walls: Essential for village survival, walls are every village’s main source of defense. Walls are great for protecting other defense structures against ground troops of all types. However, walls are useless against air attacks or when they have open breaks in their structure. Read more about walls.

clash of clans spring trapTraps: Traps are defensive structures that are cheap to build, but less permanent than Defensive Buildings. Traps are triggered when enemies get too close, and deal large amounts of damage; however, traps must be rearmed with every use. Currently, traps come in six different varieties. Read more about traps.

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