Clash of Clans Tips

In Clash of Clans, it all comes down to resources to be successful.

Clash of Clans Tips

1. Battle other players right out of the gate.

When you start playing Clash of Clans, you are exempt from other players’ attacks for your first three days of play. While this is nice and gives you some time to develop your village, the protection that your shield offers isn’t really necessary due to a game feature known as the “loot penalty.” Essentially, the loot penalty reduces the amount of resources that high-level players can receive from raiding the villages of low-level players. This means that when you are starting out, relinquishing your newcomer’s protection to start raiding other player’s villages early on won’t hurt you. Most players will know the loot penalty for attacking low-level players, and likely skip over your village when they are looking for a match. Also, even if you do get raided, the amount of resources that you lose will be minimal compared to the amount that you could potentially recieve by raiding another player’s village.

2. Learn the “loot penalty.”

The Clash of Clans loot penalty is one of the defining rules of the game that, unfortunately, most players need to learn the hard way. As explained in Tip 1, the purpose of the loot penalty is to ensure that still-new players don’t get decimated by more experienced and powerful players. The loot penalty is based around the level of a player’s Town Hall. For each additional level that your Town Hall has compared to your opponents, the resources that you receive from a raid are reduced. For one level higher, you will receive 90% of the resources that you can normally receive. For a two level difference, you will only receive 50% of the loot. For three levels, only 25% of the loot. And if your Town Hall is four levels higher than your opponent’s…well, you get the point.

3. Don’t spend too much on high-tier troops.

Though high-tier troops are nice to have if you want to feel powerful, when you break it down to the bare necessities, higher-tier troops aren’t always worth the high cost of resources. Instead, invest your resources in the production of a larger quantity of low-tier troops that are more expendable. They take less time to produce, are still effective in battle, and won’t run your resource reserves dry.

4. Don’t spend all your gems right away.

When you begin you Clash of Clans journey, you automatically start with 500 gems. By the time you finish the tutorial, you end up losing 50 gems in completing structures. However, it will serve you best if you actually save those gems and use them add extra builders at a much quicker rate. While you won’t be able to add builders 4 or 5, you will be able to access builder 3 easily. This will of course help you construct more buildings all at once rather than have it spread out over time.

5. Don’t ever spend all of your gold.

Along with gems, you should also try and not spend all of your gold. This is because there are some features you will most definitely want to use them for. For instance, make sure to have some gold stored so that you skip past bases that you might not want to attack when playing matchmaking. So, resist the urge to to spend all of your gold on upgrades, and always keep a small amount in reserve that you can use to make yourself more gold.

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