Clash of Clans Strategy

You’re going to need more than an army of barbarians and dragons to get through all of the carnage of Clash of Clans. If you’re looking to reign supreme over your foes carcass, you’ll need to to have complete command over your warriors and base of operations. To get to that point, you’re going to gave to employ a solid strategy. That’s where we come in! We’ve put together a complete and comprehensive guide of Clash of Clans offensive and defensive strategies.

Clash of Clans Strategy


Our guide of Clash of Clans troops will help you get to know the men, women, dragons, beasts, and everything else in-between. We’ll teach you how to best utilize their skills in battle so that you never end up six feet below. Read more about Troops.

Army Buildings:

From the barracks to the king’s altar, get to know all of the important army buildings in Clash of Clans and their purpose through out. Read more about Army Buildings.

Defensive Buildings:

Under attack!? Fear not! Whether it’s your archer’s tower or tesla, we’ll get you through the bloody war with our guide on defensive buildings. Read more about Defensive Buildings.

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