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Welcome to the unofficial guide to Clash of Clans, the immensely popular mobile strategy game! Clash of Clans is free to play, and is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android devices! Build your village from the ground up, raise an army of fearful warriors, defend against the malicious Goblin Horde, and conduct your own conquests of loot and plunder! Play with friends and create a clan to conquer the leaderboards! If you are one for honor, glory, and riches beyond belief, download Clash of Clans now and lead your clan to victory!

Clash of Clans Guide

Clash of Clans TipsClash of Clans Tips: Do goblin raids have you down? These general tips will help you fend them off by teaching you the fundamental actions you need to take in Clash of Clans, compiled into a quick and easy-to-read guide. Read our Tips Guide.

StratStrategyegy: Your essential guide to everything that matters in Clash of Clans. With everything from information about troops, buildings, spells, to our expertise on how to most effectively implement them, our tell-all strategy guide will set you up for success. Read our Clash of Clans Strategy Guide.

ClashofClansResourcesResources: So you want to make your village impenetrable, but aren’t quite sure what you need to get there? Our resources guide has you covered, with information on everything the gold you mine to the more elusive, luminous gems. Read more about resources.

ClashofClansAchievementsAchievements: You might be the most powerful clan leader in all the land, but nothing says it quite like your achievements. Get to know how you can capitalize on the experience points and gems that these babies have to offer. Read about more achievements.

ClashofClansDownloadDownload: Don’t have Clash of Clans yet? What are you waiting for? Answer the call to war and initiate your conquest by downloading the game here!

In Clash of Clans, take on the role as chief and lead the charge against the Goblin King and the evil Goblin Horde, an army of goblins that conducts periodic raids on your village. Starting with nearly nothing, it is your job to collect resources and build your village from the ground up to defend from the Goblin Horde’s attacks. Harvest resources to construct a number of buildings to aid you. From defensive structures like the Inferno Tower, used to ward off goblin invasions, to buildings that help you lead the offensive, like the Army Barracks or the Spell Factory, a world of adventure, enticing danger, and even more tempting rewards await!

However, the journey doesn’t end with the Goblin King’s defeat. When your village has become an impenetrable fortress and your army a machine of conquest, pit yourself against other players around the world and defeat them for their trophies to see who reigns as king of the leaderboards! Solo play not your thing? Just as easily join forces with other players and create a clan to wage a full out war against a common enemy clan!

At the start of the game, you won’t have much, and raids by the Goblin Horde will come often. Each time you defeat goblins, you are rewarded with resources of gold and elixer. Put them to use when you return to your village in a number of ways. Build new buildings to upgrade your village’s defenses and fight off future raids. Upgrade your Town Hall, the heart of your community, to unlock new buildings and structures. And train an unstoppable army so that you can fight back and put an end to the Goblin Horde.

Clash of Clans isn’t immensely complex, but at times even the most experienced players can become confused or make mistakes. If you find that you are having trouble warding off the Goblin Horde, or are losing battles with other players consistently, take a look at what we have to offer! From our in-depth strategy guide to our detailed breakdown of the different resources, their purposes, and how to get a lot of them, Clash of Clans Wiki is the premier authority to get novices started and make experts better!

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